Poker real money

Poker is the card game of all card games, with players who literally live for the high stakes game that is all about the excitement. Poker can be played in a number of variations, and can be played in almost any location from casinos, homes, on computers, pubs and poker rooms. The game can be friendly or it can be a game where people put their everything into it. It was first recognised in the 19th century in New Orleans and soon after the game as we know it today was born. Poker is an intense game where the players can choose to be honest or to bluff their way to real money.

Rules of poker

Poker is played with one deck of 52 playing cards which the dealer shuffles and deals out to the players that are playing for real money. Each player will receive 2 cards dealt face down so only he or she can see them, once everyone has seen their cards they have the chance to call of fold. The dealer will also have asked the players to place a forced real money bet at the start of the poker round, this is called the ante or sometimes the blind. The first player will place a big blind and the second player will place the small blind. They refer to it as ‘blind’ because it is a blind bet, no one will have seen any cards prior to placing this bet.
So after the cards have been checked the second player at the table who placed the small ante which is exactly half of the big ante has the chance to match the big blind and the big blind should they wish to remain in the game can check since he or she has already placed money into the poker game. The rest of the players will then have to decide what to do, if the big blind has checked then the next player has to choose to either call and match the real money bet or to fold the cards if he sees no future in this hand without paying out a cent. This will go on like this all around the poker table until everyone has made the decision to check, call or fold.

The dealer then goes on to reveal 3 more cards which will be placed in the centre of the real money poker table. These three cards are called the ‘flop’. Now the aim of the game in poker is to

Poker double Ace

make the highest ranking set of 5 cards that you possibly can, so including the two cards in the players hands, a 5 card combination can be made. The players will then be asked by the dealer once again to decide if they wish to fold, call or raise. When a player raises he or she may have a good hand already at the flop or they may just be bluffing, either way once they raise the only thing for players who wish to stay in the game to do is to raise their bets to match.

Once all the players have either matched the highest bet or opted to fold out of the poker game, the dealer will then deal one more playing card into the centre which in poker terms is called the ‘turn’. The whole process starts again with players raising, folding or calling. The dealer then deals the fifth and final card which is called the ‘river’, by now all the players should have made up some poker hand or they have bluffed their way this far. If there are more than one player left in the poker game they can raise one more time to see if the other will follow suit and raise more real money. The player with the highest ranking cards wins. Of course there are some slight rule changes depending on the type of poker game you are playing but the most common real money poker game that can be found in online casinos is Texas Hold’em poker.

Poker hands

So you’re playing real money poker at your favourite online casino, what you need to know besides the rules are the types of hands you can form and which ones over-rule others to help you win big amounts of real money in this card game that can turn mice into men and vice versa. So here below are all the different poker hands in ascending order, starting with lowest rank on top.

  • High card – this is when you have a hand that has no particular ranking poker hand but you happen to have an ace or a king. This might just win you the game if the other players were bluffing with a high card of say a Queen.
  • One pair – two cards of the same value. The higher the value of the pair the better, for example a pair of aces is the highest pair you can have in a poker game and might be the deciding factor as to whether you win real money or lose if the other player has a pair also.
  • Two pair – two pair is exactly what it says, two separate pairs of cards, for example pair of aces and a pair of nines.
  • Three of a kind –  three of the same poker cards , like three aces or three queens
  • Straight – This is when you get 5 cards that all come after each other for example 1,2,3,4,5 they don’t have to be any one suit and can be mixed as long as they all follow each other in numeric order. The highest straight will win the poker hand, so if more than one player has it make sure you win with a high card.
  • Flush – a flush is when you manage to have all 5 cards floowing the same suit, so maybe 5 hearts or 5 clubs. They can have any numeric value they want and are the second highest when playing for real money.
  • Full house – this would be the highest ranking poker hand and the one were you should go all in for. It consists of three of a kind and a pair. The higher the card values the better.